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find the good {no words needed}

{Beloved, let us love one another; 
for love is of God, and he who loves is born of God and knows God. 
1 John 4:7}


my birthday post

there was a time we counted our age by hours 
"he's only 7 hours old"

then days
"i can't believe she's been here for 3 days"

then weeks
"time for her 8 week checkup"

then months
"is he doing everything a 6 month old is supposed to do"

then finally years 

and with such excitement that first year 

but by 31 

well the excitement has started to fade

you never drive past a sign that says Honk, Karrie's 31
40 yes 
50 yes
60 yes

but why

why do we not celebrate life

every minute, every day

on saturday i will be 11,323 days old


that's 271,752 hours.

to celebrate
to be thankful for
to honk about
i have spent some great hours and i have wasted quite a few 

this year i'll have  8,760 hours till i'm 32 years old
and what will i choose to do with my time

no one comes to the end of life and wishes

they spent more time on facebook
they kept their house cleaner
they spent more money 
they had more stuff

so why do i continue to worry, waste and do these things?
when there is so much i could be doing with my time

Here's to my next year
may it be filled to the brim with hours not wasted


still get to be free

after the fireworks are over, the hamburgers and hot dogs are eaten
after the parades and backyard parties
after the red, white, and blue cups, forks, napkins, and plates are all used up

you still get to be free

you still get to watch what you want, say what you want, do what you want
you can talk about the president or the lastest pop star or how much you love or hate soccer
you can agree with hobby lobby or disagree

you still get to be free

see when the founders of this country fought they fought for our freedom from control
those who choose to leave their home and come here
they were adventurous and rebellious
they didn't want to be told where to live and what religion to practice
they didn't want to be judged by their decisions
they came with nothing and built this place we call home
and with great foresight they built a place where 238 years later

you still get to be free

so today 
breathe it in
inhale and exhale freedom
go for it
don't be afraid to take a risk
imagine if the founders of our country had been timid, scared, and unsure

blessed to live and raise my childreen in a country 
where i still get to be free


quotes from God

these words we breath out are His 
these moments we think are special are 
because we breath through Him
and He breaths through us
that's when its special
that's what we will remember, and others will remember
God breathed out these words, scripture
and we tote them around and decorate our tables and walls with them
and then ask God for a sign
He shakes His head
i spoke words to you that you do not listen
that you do not read
that you do not know
find me there
feel me breath

i used to keep a notebook of quotes when i was young
oh how i loved quotes and i still do
the awesome power of words
and how pieced together and written
can you make you breath easier

but to think we have an entire collection
of quotes from God himself
penned down
for us
so that we
can breath easier
He knew we'd be afraid
so he said "do not fear"
He knew we wouldn't understand faith
so he gave us definitions 
He knew we'd want answers and examples
so he gave us page after page, word after word, story after story
not to decorate our coffee tables and walls
but to fill our heart and soul

My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you, 
turning your ear to wisdom
    and applying your heart to understanding
indeed, if you call out for insight
    and cry aloud for understanding,
and if you look for it as for silver
    and search for it as for hidden treasure,
then you will understand the fear of the Lord
    and find the knowledge of God.  
(Proverbs 2:1-5)


All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,  so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

store up in your heart, mind, and soul.  


this life. {no words needed}

i watched this beautiful lady dance like no one was watching, while she worked selling drinks and it filled by heart with joy.  music it's good for the soul and life is too short to waste it.

this boy never ceases to amaze me.  sometimes i wonder how i could be so blessed and i thank God for allowing me to be his mom. 

the sounds of their laughter should be recorded in the heart.

this is what my husband leaves for me to return home too. 

they are arguing over whether this is a cart or a buggy.   
addie is searching the store over for this buggy her daddy speaks of.  

these moments. this life.  

what are you slowing down and doing this summer?

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my unedited life {no words needed}

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
    And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
    and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8

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5 minute prayer list

i pray all the time
sometimes i'm praying and i'm not even thinking about it
prayer is my release
its my out
if i try to hold all the worries in
i would explode 

today's prayer list:
for my friend Kendal in remote villages of Nepal with or without toilet paper (i hope she hasn't ran out)
for my friend Shannon in Puerto Rico having VBS with youth from her church and coming home tomorrow
for my husband and son who are at Father-Son camp making memories, getting closer to one another, and closer to God
for my great grandmother whose time on earth is running out
for my friend who didn't get the job but knows God has a better plan
for my friend Beth whose daughter is in Guatemala
for my fellow blogger Kristen who leaves for Kenya tomorrow, what a ministry she has there
for the kids at home without food this summer 
for potty training my sweet baby girl

and these are just things i can think of in the five minute write

you see you can NOT hold all the worries, concerns, fears, and hopes in
you gotta give them to the only one who can do anything about them
our most precious heavenly Father

how can i pray for you?

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#riskrejection update with soundtrack

with summer starting i've just been so excited to be home and garden and clean and find my house again

and i've been to the beach and played taxi to camps and we have shopped and went out to eat and lived up this American life

by i can't let this keep happening.....i have's time to face the music's time to get back on the horse

my original risks for 2014 with new risk 

  • run - I did complete 2 5ks and just this week I have started walking again - new goal - find next race
  • business - slacking in this one - new goal - 4 tastefully simple parties this summer
  • share Jesus - ummmmm, yeah - praying and seaching - new goal - find a local place to volunteer and mission

{i added three of my new favorite songs for your listening pleasure - i love music}

are you still taking risk this year or are you caught up in the day to day to like me?


get your hands dirty

get your hands dirty. 

play in the dirt.

watch and pray.

keep out the weeds.  keep the bugs out. keep the varmints out.

wait for the harvest.

garden lessons. life lessons.

get your hands dirty.

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finding you {advice for youth}

i see you
i hear your cries
yeah you...the one who wants to hide,
someone who just wants to be found.
the one who doesn't know who you are yet or where you want to go
i see you, behind your dyed hair and dark clothes and athletic pants and pretty scarves and LeBron's and cowboy boots with straight hair and curly hair and those 14 year old eyes
i hear you
as you walk up to me and tell me how your Sunday was so painful because you had to go to church
and i say why is that bad
and you answer
"because I don't believe"
you look at me and wait
i hear you thinking "what will she say"
and i look up at you and answer
what do you believe?
and i stop and wait
you look at me like no one has ever asked you that
i want to hug you
but i know that's uncool
i want to tell you that no matter what
i love you
and it is going to be ok
you are going to find you..........
it may not be today or tomorrow or next year or 20 years
and there will be people along the way that push you a certain way
try to make you fit the mold
don't let them
be you
be the person God made you to be
keeping finding you
search for joy
live life
serve others
you are going to find you
don't stop till you do

are you still trying to figure out who God made you to be....i am....i wrote this piece back before Christmas after a conversation with a student.  we are so quick to push kids to decide and be and grow up, when they haven't even figured out who they are yet

what advice would you give the youth of today?



20 things they don't tell you when you become a mom

1.  You will consider whether or not you have served all the food groups in the day.

2.  You will have frequent conversations about poop and even be excited about it.

3.  You will pray more.  "Lord, please let her go to sleep"

4.  There will always be a mom that seems to have it more together than you, have better kids, and be doing a better job.

5.  Sneezing, and lots of other body parts and functions, will never be the same.

6.  Your kid grows fast between 0 and 5 but once they hit school age you can't keep up.

7.  There will be times when you have to think fast and act responsibly and you will look back and wonder how you held it all together.  

8.  You will make mistakes.

9.  You will learn how easy kids forgive.

10.   Sometimes you just have to let them get dirty.

11.  Whatever your plan is, your kid will have a different one.

12.  They will talk back.

13.  They will embarrass you.

14.  They will make you forget what a horrible day you have had. 

15.  They will inherit traits from you that you wish they didn't.

16.  You will need poison controls phone number.

17.  You will never have everything you need when you go on vacation even if you take the whole house, and unlike before children, you can't pack thirty minutes before in one bag and be out the door.  

18.  You will never regret having them.

19.  You will never ever believe the kind of love you will have for them.  The kind that fills your whole heart and you think it might bust.

20.  Even if you make mistakes, even if you do it all wrong, even if they talk back, even if they are just like you......your kid will love you so much.   I remember people telling me how much I was going to love being a mommy and love my children, but there was so much no one told me, like how much they were going to love me back.


it's that time

its that time when.....

the Easter bunny may or may not still have eggs at your house, in your living room floor......

the papers are coming in from school by the truck loads and if you blink you might miss sending in a form or a towel or a cupcake..........

the pollen can be seen falling from the trees like rain causing eyes to water and boxes of tissues to be consumed..........

the ability to get your kids to come in the house is near impossible...."what I have take a are asking an awful lot, mom!".............

the need for a vacation is rising by the number of times your are hitting the snooze button

the house is reaching 80 degrees because your waiting till it is unbearable before you turn on the a/c

the sunburn sneaks up you because you've forgotten its powerful rays

the teachers and the students are counting the days till the end of school

it's that time when..........summertime is so close yet so far away

 Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray.
Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms.
James 5:!3


risking it in april

april is a risk......
it might be snowing
it might be raining
it might be sunny
it might be cold
it might be hot
thunder may rattle your roof
and rainbows may be seen out your windows
you may have to run the heat full blast on the way to school 
and crank the a/c on the way home

april is about change.....
it starts out as the end of winter
and ends as the start of summer
it holds promise of newness and renewal
green buds
fresh starts
new beginnings

this april we took hold of risk
for love  {5 years of marriage}
for life  {visiting my great grandmothers}
for hope  {rising at 6:30 for a glorious sunrise service}
for friendship  {sharing time with my heart and soul sister}
for family  {living this every day together}
for music  {4 days of festival}

but the question that is on repeat

what have WE risked for Him??


from passover to communion

we piled around the table
to hear the story
the Passover
the bitter herbs for slavery
the lamb for sacrifice
their faces nodded
their ears listened
these lives we have been allowed to borrow from Him
this story of Easter that we get to share
thousands of years ago
Jesus sat around with his best friends and family
knowing that the days ahead were going to be hard and ugly
filled with betrayal and sorrow and pain
but it wasn't going to be the end
there was hope at the end of the darkness
the next day he was going to face a hardship we can't begin to understand
and through this death we are allowed Communion
eternal communion with a living Savior
because hardship, betrayal, sorrow, pain, not even death
would stop our Lord from being our sacrifice
even though we didn't deserve it and we could never earn it
it was a sacrifice only He could provide
Thank You, Lord

from our family 
may you and yours have a truly blessed Easter!!


when you live to be 95

yesterday we celebrated my great grandmother's 95 birthday
she was born April 6, 1919 in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia
she was one of 10 children, 6 sisters, 3 brothers
she worked in coal mines and married a coal miner
she taught me that you can grow anything on any kinda soil
and it doesn't matter if there is a hill
and there is no limit to things that can be canned 
she came to visit me right after we moved in to our house and I was so excited to show her my garden
matthew had built up a plot behind our house so it was level
she looked at it nodded and said "you too good to plant on the hill"
she's honest and gritty
she lived through the great depression and WWII
she lived when there wasn't a great depression but things were still hard
she works hard
but she still has a smile on her face and the most genuine laugh you have ever heard
on this past Saturday, the day before she turned 95, she was baptized

could be my favorite picture of all time
photo credit: nancy shupe

in the hills of Virginia
in the 20 degree creek water
she was washed clean
95 years old
and again she taught me
that it doesn't matter how old you are
it doesn't matter where you been or what you've done
Jesus will wash you clean
may I live to be half the woman she is
what will people say about you when live to be 95?
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Lessons from March 2014

1.  It might snow.  It might not.

2.  Time change always kicks my butt.  But I seem to forget every year. 

3.  Legofest = awesomeness.....if it comes near you go!


4.   Celebrate birthdays!

5.  Spring is coming......get ready now.

5.  Silence is golden.
6.  People will hurt you, sometimes more than once, forgive them anyway.
7.  I take way too many pictures with my phone.
8.  Little kids bowling shoes make you go....awwwww, how cute!
9.   Take a hike.  Don't be ashamed to stop for breathers.  It is always worth it when you get to the top.
10.  Set goals.  Don't stop till reach them.
11.  Set new goals.  Get to work!

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